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“Thank you so much for making such beautiful imprints of kshama's hands and feet. Imprints are more precious to us than words could ever describe. ‘Thank You’ just isn’t sufficient for how grateful we are and how much we love your work.Thanks again for creating such beautiful memories that we will forever hold close to our hearts'. ”
Kshama's parents Subha and Hariharan
“I'm glad that we got a foot print of Aarshia in clay.. a fond memory of her when she was an infant.. something we will cherish for many years to come.. thanks Shriya!!”
Aarshia's parents
The tiny feet n hands of my little one frozen for posterity! Wow! It is such an inexplicable feeling. My son will grow to be a man one day and he can show his little one his imprints. Thank you Shriya madam for making this beautiful slab. It is so realistic and it carries a lot of emotions with it.
From Leone's father Yesuraj