Q. How old should my child be for a 3D cast/Imprint?

We make 3D cast/Imprint for children of all ages from newborn to older children. It is never too late to capture the memory of your little one. Popular ages for 3D casts and Imprints are 3 months - 6 years .

Q. How long will my appointment take?

Each appointment takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on the product chosen. Once the 3D cast/Imprint is taken and the details are noted down the remaining work is done at our home studio.

Q. Where does the appointment take place? Do you do home visits?

All our appointments are done at our home studio in Bangalore. Our address will be provided at the time of booking your appointment. We do not do any home visits as of now.

Q. Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, very much. We recommend that the child be fed before the appointment as a full tummy ensures a happy baby and a good cast/Imprint. Nap times are to be avoided as much as possible. Infants and toddlers normally cry when their hands/feet come in contact with wet medium/clay. However the materials we use are non toxic and the process is harmless and absolutely safe for your child's sensitive skin. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby is likely to be.

Q. How long will my order take for completion?

To deliver the best quality product we take around 6 weeks from the appointment date. As soon as your order is complete we will notify you.

Q. Do I have to produce photos/shoes for custom orders?

Yes we require a high resolution picture of the child if you opt for a picture mounted frame alongside the 3D cast/Imprint. This can be sent to us as a soft copy within a week from the date of appointment. If you opt for shoes you can hand it over to us at the time of appointment.

Q. Can I use the same mould to make multiple copies of the hands or feet at a later stage?

Each mould is unique and cannot be used more than once. So, if you need additional copies, you will have to inform us at the time of the appointment.

Q. Once the 3D cast/Imprints are ready do you undertake framing?

Yes, we do. We work with expert framers who understand the product and handle them with care. We have a wide range of frame options for you to choose from.

Q. Can I undertake framing?

Yes, you can. However we will not be liable for any damages caused to the product whilst framing as handling the products requires expertise and skill.

Q. Can I change my order details after the appointment?

We can accommodate changes in order details provided we haven't commenced work on it. We will not be able to entertain any changes once work has started.

Q. What happens if the 3D cast/Imprint gets damaged in the pre-production phase?

In case of any damage at the stage of pre-production we will be happy to redo the appointment for you at no extra charges. However we will not be liable for any damages done after we deliver our product.

Q. Do I have to pay an advance at the time of appointment?

Yes, we take an advance of half of the total amount at the time of the appointment. The rest of the amount is to be paid at the time of delivery of the product.

Q. Is the price of the products negotiable? Do you offer any discounts?

Our products are very reasonably priced given the intricacy of the work involved. Hence we are not able to offer any discounts.

Q. What happens if I cancel my order after the casts are made?

In such cases we will not be able to return your advance as materials would have been used.