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Precious Imprints - Specialists in 3D casts/hand and foot Imprints for children.

Children are precious and they grow up so fast. Would you like to revive/relive your precious child's memories in the years to come?

Would you like to capture their tiny hands and feet in time for ever?

We guarantee you that going back the memory lane you will experience the same feelings/emotions as you do now.

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Our Products PRODUCTS

3D casts

A 3D cast is a detailed cast made directly from a mould taken of your child's hands and feet. The 3D casts are crafted in fine plaster and presented in a custom made box frame which protects and displays it perfectly.

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An Imprint is the impression of your child's hands and feet expertly taken in a piece of soft clay. Our unique method of firing and colouring the original piece of clay highlights the very fine details in your child's Imprint.

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